Nov 11
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I can't seem to find time for blogging.

So, just for a quick update, here are our last activities together (M. and I), from last week.

Trying this cinnamon- applesauce recipe, that I found here (please follow the link for

instructions, no need to repeat what’s so well explained).



It’s easy to make and fun to work with and they really have the promised scent.

They already decorate and scent our house and will be repeated again to make

nice handmade gifts for family and friends.

Note: Don’t mistake them with ginger cookies.





And painting flowers using discarded egg boxes. 






I hope I can turn them into a nice garland.


Usei cola branca, mas juntei um bocadinho de água para não ficar tão viscosa. Estende a massa fininha (cerca de 4mm, só para teres uma ideia) porque seca bem só 20m no forno (10m de cada lado) e não abre rachas. Fica mesmo bonito à superfície e com boa coesão. Beijinhos. Vão gostar de fazer.
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