Nov 11
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Muitos Parabéns Ana, são para ti!

Happy Birthday Ana, it's for you!



O ano passado foi este o presente que lhe ofereci. Comecei por fazer o motivo em cor

de rosa mas ficou demasiado grande para o tamanho da pedra (ficou para o quarto da

M.). A ideia de forrar a pedra tirei de resurrection fern. 

Algumas noites dos últimos dois anos a trabalhar para uma amiga especial.


This is the present I offered her last year. I started with the pink motive but it was too

big for the stone (it went to M's room).The idea is from resurrection fern. 

A few nights in the last two years working for a very special friend.

Nov 11
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Porque amanhã é dia de festa, a entrada do blog, que nos últimos domingos tem

registado as brincadeiras entre Pai e filha, fica reservada para alguém muito

especial. Ainda que essa pessoa não queira partilhar essa alegria com os amigos,

amanhã cá a esperamos. 


Because tomorrow it's a day to celebrate, we've anticipated the usual sunday lego post,

keeping track of the play between father and daughter, to someone very special.

Although she has decided not to share this happy day whith her friends, we will wait for

her tomorrow.

Nov 11
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Encontrei aqui.    Found here.

Nov 11
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I can't seem to find time for blogging.

So, just for a quick update, here are our last activities together (M. and I), from last week.

Trying this cinnamon- applesauce recipe, that I found here (please follow the link for

instructions, no need to repeat what’s so well explained).



It’s easy to make and fun to work with and they really have the promised scent.

They already decorate and scent our house and will be repeated again to make

nice handmade gifts for family and friends.

Note: Don’t mistake them with ginger cookies.





And painting flowers using discarded egg boxes. 






I hope I can turn them into a nice garland.


Nov 11
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100 idées, Nº73_Novembro 1979


Nov 11
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Para a minha Mãe que faz hoje anos.

Comecei a faze-las com alguma antecedência e ficaram prontas mesmo a tempo. 

A lã ainda é a mesma que usei para fazer os sabonetes, encontram-na e às agulhas

na Retrosaria.

Muitos parabéns, hoje é dia de festa (roubado do meu Pai).


For my mother's birthday today.

I started a few days ago and they were ready just in time.

The wool is the same for the felting soaps, and can be found in Retrosaria.

Happy birthday, today is "dia de festa" (stolen from my Father).

Nov 11
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Nov 11
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One of these mornings I made a recipe, long promised to M. She calls m&ms 'martinis' which we find really fun so we chose not to correct her and that's why I've named this post 'martini' yogurt.

The recipe and 'naughty' idea belongs to this site that I found through this other one here. I added it to my bookmarks but when I decided to make them I forgot to follow the instructions and used the basic recipe as always, with cold milk. Probably due to that and also because I used miniature smarties I didn't quite get the result that I expected, so they turned out as white as they started.

For M. the whole process was quite fun, very similar to a game, separating the different colors and putting all the 'pieces' in the right place.

The result, as I told you, wasn't the one we expected, so I asked permission to the author Coco & Baunilha to use her images (the last two) and she kindly agreed.

The yogurts we've made were probably almost as good as the original, but the look, definitely one of the main ingredients, I wasn't able to match.

Nov 11
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Here's what I've been working on,







needle felting, during my daughter's nap.

It's for my Mother's birthday present, next week.

Nov 11
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100 idées, Nº65- Março 1979

Nov 11
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Nov 11
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The socks I started in July for the anniversary of my friend Carla are finally finished.

I always have too many projects going on at the same time, so naturally some fall by 

the wayside. The pattern and the yarn, as for the previous socks I've made, are from

RetrosariaIt's really a very good yarn to knitt, and it's always very nice to see the way

the colours change.  

I made her a small linen bag and using the thread until the very last bit, I decorated it

with a simple embroidery motif and made the string with a crochet wreath. 

Nov 11
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No, M.'s Father isn't 93 years old, I'm just suffering from dyslexia.

But the intention was good and he will keep it for his 93rd anniversary.

We used lill a 's great idea. We brought the sand from the beach on one of our last trips

to enjoy the late 'summer' days in october. We wetted the sand a bit so it could make a

clear printing. We pressed the toys that M.chose, plus de 3 and 9 that I added and filled

the negative with plaster. After it dried we removed it from the sand and I painted it

with white spray in my atelier. 

We've made it two weeks ago on time for M's Father 39th anniversary.







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