Nov 11
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One of these mornings I made a recipe, long promised to M. She calls m&ms 'martinis' which we find really fun so we chose not to correct her and that's why I've named this post 'martini' yogurt.

The recipe and 'naughty' idea belongs to this site that I found through this other one here. I added it to my bookmarks but when I decided to make them I forgot to follow the instructions and used the basic recipe as always, with cold milk. Probably due to that and also because I used miniature smarties I didn't quite get the result that I expected, so they turned out as white as they started.

For M. the whole process was quite fun, very similar to a game, separating the different colors and putting all the 'pieces' in the right place.

The result, as I told you, wasn't the one we expected, so I asked permission to the author Coco & Baunilha to use her images (the last two) and she kindly agreed.

The yogurts we've made were probably almost as good as the original, but the look, definitely one of the main ingredients, I wasn't able to match.







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